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2022-02-17 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda ANCA PTY LTD (ANCA PTY LTD)

ANCA PTY LTD (ANCA PTY LTD): In 1993, TRW Automotive – a market leader in automotive hydraulic power steering – presented ANCA with a challenge. TRW was developing a new hydraulic power steering unit for light trucks, which required a precise hexagon to be ground. Could ANCA do it? ANCA went beyond the specifications by building a machine that could hold the part internally and grind both outside diameter and hexagon in a single set-up, resulting in a higher functional accuracy than TRW had expected. As a result, ANCA received their first order for an EG3, the outside diameter and edge grinder. Because it only required three axes, a non-swivelling one replaced the ANCA CL4’s swivelling grinding wheel module. This modification enabled the EG3 to both grind the OD and modify the edges of the slots in an automotive power steering valve spool in a single set-up. ANCA recognised the market potential and in 1994, TRW invited representatives from car manufacturers to visit TRW factories in Australia, England, Italy and USA so that they could obtain specifications and production requirements. The positive feedback enabled Pat McCluskey to design the unique ANCA ISG6 (CNC input shaft grinder) which was released in 1995. It was able to grind everything in a single set-up, three times faster. #ANCAFlashbackFriday #ancagrind #ancasoftware #highprecision #machinetools #ancacnc #cncmanufacturer #advancedmanufacturing #cuttingtools #grinding #automation #instagood #videooftheday #Grinding #lightsoutmanufacturing #customisedsolutions #robotics #exporting #customersuccess