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Ceratizit S.A. (CERATIZIT)


2022-02-15 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda Ceratizit S.A. (CERATIZIT)

Ceratizit S.A. (CERATIZIT): Exciting times for round workpieces with our new ???????????????????????????????????????? ????-???????????? ???????????????????? ️ https://cutting.tools/stationay-3-jaw-chuck The new ???????????????????????????????????????? ????-???????????? ???????????????????? impresses with: Convenient quick jaw change system minimises both set-up times and costs high jaw change repeatability Process-secure clamping thanks to permanently high clamping forces of 100 kN and 180 kN enables flexible clamping of small and large workpieces Functional items that have been hardened and ground from all sides for a long life span Available as Ø200 mm and Ø315 mm, each in a set with a clamping key, MNG- and PNG-compatible console, one set of GBA base jaws and SB-H stepped jaws each and six screws for the jaws. Wow, that`s a lot You still need more information? Then visit: ️ https://cutting.tools/stationay-3-jaw-chuck