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Makino Europe GmbH (MAKINO)


2022-02-09 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda Makino Europe GmbH (MAKINO)

Makino Europe GmbH (MAKINO): Did you know that Slim3n is one of the main references of vertical machining centres on the Asian automotive market? There are solid reasons for it to be: - A machine born to be automated. The amount of automation options make it perfect to adapt to customers need. - Precision and power. Slim3n has been tailored engineered for the requirements of the market in terms of precision and material removal rates. This specialisation make it the perfect machine to get the most competitive cost per part - Small footprint. The necessity to integrate more production lines in a limited factory pushes machine tool builders to minimise the layout of the machine. The Slim3n satisfies this necessity while still leaving place for the regular maintenance task Want to know more? http://ow.ly/oMJK50HQy6F