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Makino Europe GmbH (MAKINO)

2022-02-11 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda Makino Europe GmbH (MAKINO)

Makino Europe GmbH (MAKINO): Last time we talked about Slim3n for high volume product. A vertical machine for high volume production. Today we will move from vertical to horizontal. See the a40SE, a machine which was engineered to get the maximum performance in aluminium die casting components. We have made some modifications to the existing a40. - New 20,000 rpm spindle: When PCD tools can improve your productivity, this is the spindle. - 60 ATC: When the number of batches go down and the type of orders increase, our 40 ATC was not enough. With 60 ATC, more sister tools are available and we give autonomy to those mentioned customers . - Prepared for automation. TPH, auto door, robot interface. This package has everything you need to automate today, or tomorrow! Want to know more? Contact us under: https://www.makino.eu/en-us/about-us/contact-us #automation #alc #performance #PCD #hydraulic #machining #PromiseOfPerformance #Autonomy