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Makino Europe GmbH (MAKINO)

2022-02-14 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda Makino Europe GmbH (MAKINO)

Makino Europe GmbH (MAKINO): When we show the a800Z to machinist, they immediately recognise the following - Superb rigidity. The size, the massive table, the spindle. Everything talks about how rigid the machine is. And if they have a chance to see "behind the covers", then they see the size of the linear guides, the diameter of the ballscrew and the first assumption is more than assured. - Power. Looking at the 8.000 rpm spindle, realising the diameter of the bearing and knowing the power held inside the "beast"... Everyone describes a800Z as a Beast, a monster who can slash through the toughest material. Titanium, iron casting, stainless steel... The toughest applications for the aerospace, power fluid and semiconductor market seem to be easy with the a800Z - Modern. The new design of the machine indicates manufacturers with a simple glance to the machine, if machine is running, if the machine needs maintenance without even coming close to the control. A design optimised for producers Want to know more? Contact us! https://www.makino.eu/en-us/about-us/contact-us