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Matsuura Machinery Corporation (MATSUURA)


2022-01-31 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda Matsuura Machinery Corporation (MATSUURA)

Matsuura Machinery Corporation (MATSUURA): ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????? – another proud member of the ????????-???????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????? here at Matsuura UK. Delayed a year because of COVID, & the fact that Dave as a Senior Service Engineer was always on frontline duty with our customers throughout the pandemic, Dave has actually served 26 years with Matsuura UK now - & he is not alone in his long service. Pictured here with ???????????????????? ????????????????????????????, ???????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? on the right, Roger said; “The wealth of experience in our growing number of long service staff gives us hundreds of years of collective Matsuura experience in our team, & colleagues like Dave have an invaluable role to play in training and mentoring the next generation of Matsuura Engineers – thanks for your continued service Dave”. Watch out for a special mention to the growing 25-year service club group soon. Machine in the background; ???????? ???????????????????? ????????-???????????? ???????????? – 5 axis, 4 pallet, 90 tools – full large capacity automation. #customerservice #longservice #experience #whymatsuura #matsuura #ukmfg #gbmfg