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2021-08-18 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda NAKAMURA-TOME PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (NAKAMURA-TOME)

NAKAMURA-TOME PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (NAKAMURA-TOME): Seven more models can now be equipped with oscillating cutting. These models include machines with ATC and large machines with a maximum machining diameter of over 600 mm. Regardless of the size of the machine, there are operators and factory managers who are troubled by the chip problem. I was one of them. Especially machines with ATC are designed to be automated for a long time. We can't stop the operation because of swarf. In order to solve this problem, we repeated actual machining experiments over and over again. The result is what we have released today. In order to answer the many questions we have received so far, we have provided explanations in the Q & A section. We hope that you will enjoy the video and that oscillatory cutting will become more widespread. Contents 0:00 Announcement 1:53 Differences between last time and this time 3:00 The function of oscillating cutting 4:41 About another machining sample 5:44 Machining of rolled steel 6:59 About cycle time 7:38 About applicable machining processes 8:26 Machining with end-face and roughing cycles 10:17 About retrofitting 11:21 About damage 12:40 Let's work together to solve the chip problem Nakamura tome Home Page https://www.nakamura-tome.co.jp/en/ Nakamura tome LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/nakamura-tome-precision-industry-co-ltd Recent video about oscillation cutting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvmUY9Bxto4&t=227s #CNC #macinist #machine #nakamura #nakamuratome #中村留 #揺動 #oscillation