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Renishaw S.p.A. (RENISHAW)


2022-02-07 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda Renishaw S.p.A. (RENISHAW)

Renishaw S.p.A. (RENISHAW): To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week we’ll be highlighting some of our current and former apprentices, and the value that early career individuals can bring to a company. We start the week with Jack Chapman, Embedded Electronic Engineering Apprentice. Jack chose an apprenticeship at Renishaw to enable him to work on real-life projects and products that will help to shape our world in the decades to come and touch billions of lives. Gareth Hankins, Head of Group Manufacturing and a former Renishaw apprentice, notes that Renishaw has a long history of developing apprentices. We now have a record 2022 intake of 96 graduates and 80 apprentices across our Gloucestershire and South Wales sites. Take a look at the opportunities available: https://bit.ly/3AKDzWI #NAW2022 #BuildTheFuture